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South Lake Animal League

4648 Baptist Island Road
Groveland FL 34736
Clermont, FL 34712

Our Mission

The Animal League was established in 1988 to help the abused, abandoned, and neglected animals of Lake County. Started on a non-existent budget by a small group of animal lovers committed to a no-kill policy, the organization soon became an important presence in Central Florida. Our organization places approximately 1,000 pets in loving homes each year.

The Animal League is known statewide for its many unique and heart-warming success stories. Every animal that comes into The Animal League’s care receives the best routine and specialized veterinary care, is spayed or neutered, and microchipped.

Since its inception The Animal League relied on a system of foster homes to handle the care, feeding, and socialization of the animals that come its way. While this system had certain advantages, it was always The Animal League’s goal to build a centralized permanent adoption center to meet the challenges of a growing Lake County population. On October 9, 2010 the doors to The Animal League Adoption Center opened.

Because the organization receives no state or federal funding, The Animal League relies on the continued support of the community. One of the League’s most important sources of operating income is its Thrift Shop located in downtown Clermont.

Despite the remarkable growth and change over the past 30 years, The Animal League has never lost sight of its original goal – to maintain a no kill policy as it helps the abused, abandoned, and neglected animals in the community.

The mission of The Animal League is to enhance the lives of animals and people in our communities through education, awareness, adoption, and compassion. In particular we:

*act for the community as an advocate on behalf of animals.
*provide for the well-being of animals who are abandoned, injured, subjected to unfair or cruel treatment, or otherwise in need.
*provide shelter for these animals.
*maintain a “no kill” policy.
*serve the citizens and animals of our community by sponsoring related public health programs and upholding the laws enacted for their protection.
*educate the public on responsible pet ownership including prevention of over-population by spay and neutering.

Adoption Policy

Our adopters must be at least 21 years old. Have children in the household? Please read our additional age guidelines for adopting ( ).

If you rent, you will need to provide a copy of your Pet Addendum. This can be emailed, or brought in person during your Meet & Greet. You can also provide the Adoption Team with your landlord’s phone number, however this often delays the process as they play phone-tag.

If you have current pets, you will need to provide proof that they are up-to-date on age-appropriate vaccines and are on a heartworm preventative (dogs only). This can be emailed or brought in person during your Meet & Greet. You can also provide the Adoption Team with your vet’s phone number, however this often delays the process as they play phone-tag. Dogs currently residing in your home should also attend your Meet & Greet – the exception being if your current dog is younger than 4 months, does not travel well, or if you are driving more than 2 hours to reach us.

We ask all potential adopters to provide 3 personal references. Please let your references know to expect a call from us, or to at least monitor their voicemail.

Lastly, we require all members of the household in which a pet will be residing to be present for a Meet & Greet. We understand that sometimes parents wish to surprise children, or people may wish to surprise a significant other. While we appreciate the sentiment, this almost never ends well and we end up having to rescue the pet a second time. Being present at a Meet & Greet helps to ensure you are finding the very best match for you and your family, and that the adoption will last.

Please note that certain pets and certain breeds (specifically herding or working breeds) will have more thorough requirements such as experience with the breed, a fenced yard, or an active lifestyle. For information about a specific pet’s needs, please contact the Adoption Team.

Information regarding adoption fees can be found here. Please DO NOT email us fee requests, instead, please CALL the Adoption Team at (352) 429-6334. -

Please view our very informative Facebook note on how our adoption process works for even more information:

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