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Nala's Foster Kittens

Bradenton, FL

Our Mission

Every cat has a story. Whether of tragedy or happiness, loss or victory. Our lives are a war of life and death. Every day is a battle, we will fight until the end. Cats, kittens, whatever the case may be, is also a battle. A battle for not just survival , for life, for freedom, for chivalry. I may not know what goes on in their little minds, they are most likely ungrateful. Ungrateful for those sleepless nights, for those pained moments of conflicting. And for what? I’m supposed to be satisfied saying I saved someone’s life? Yes! Every life no matter what or whose is important. Every tear, every sleepless night, is worth it, because you have saved a cat’s life. A death of a cat may be the worst thing humanly imaginable. Every tear, all the pain and guilt and sorrow and regret, is the price. You are the author of this cat’s life, every decision is another paragraph waiting to be written. Nala’s Foster Kittens rescue organization is the rescue that when the world says that this cat is worthless and should be sentenced to death, we stand our ground and shout “Never! For this cat’s life is priceless! We shall take this cat and nurse it back to health. Cats should not be born to see death, to live to die.” From the moment you walk into that shelter or that rescue or that foster home, you enter that cat’s story. What will you write?

Adoption Policy

First we ask some basic pre-screening questions, then the adopter fill out an application and then we schedule a meet and greet if it goes well the adopter takes the cat/kitten home.

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