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Lost Pet Services, Inc.

Bradenton, FL

Our Mission

Lost Pet Services, Inc. is a 100% volunteer-based organization dedicated to reuniting lost pets with their families through systematic, free pet recovery services, medical funding, and promoting responsible pet ownership through educational resources to keep loved pets out of our over-crowded shelters and home safe with their families.

When a found pet's owner cannot be found, regardless of the pet's health, Lost Pet Services provides medical care. This care can be emergency care for a pet that was hit by a car, heartworm treatment, broken bones, to other medical illnesses. We assure that every pet gets proper care right away.

When a proper stray hold time frame has expired and every effort made to locate a found pet's family is extinguished, we thoroughly vet each found/stray pet providing spaying/neutering, vaccinations, heartworm testing, deworming, and microchips with free lifetime registration.

Lost Pet Services provides free microchips, free ID tags, financial support to those struggling with shelter fees, medical funding for injured stray pets and owned, loved pets injured while they are lost, we are able to keep more family pets out of the overcrowded local shelters and home safe with their families. We also donate microchip scanners to our local police and others who help out in our community.

We work in conjunction with local animal shelters, police departments, veterinarian offices, rescue, and animal welfare groups to promote responsible pet ownership to help reunite lost pets and get them home safe with the main objective of keeping loved family pets out of our over-crowded shelters.

Adoption Policy


* Personal and vet references are checked before a potential adopter is contacted.
* Potential adopters are contacted if application is approved and references are approved.
* NO MEET-N-GREETS will be done prior to references and application approval.


* Due to lack of volunteers, we are unable to contact each applicant to inform them the pet has been adopted.
* If the pet is no longer on petfinder, it has been adopted.
* It is our responsibility to find and place the pet with the home that is best suited for that pet.

* If the adoption application was not completed according to directions, it will be discarded.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets