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Our Mission

We are a small foster based rescue. We focus on mainly small dogs and small senior dogs. We take dogs and get them vetted and healthy enough for adoption. We adopt out all animals in our care regardless of age or medical conditions. All dogs deserve their forever home.

Adoption Policy

Please read before submitting an application

We do require a approved application for meet and greets. Why? Because otherwise we would be meeting with people who we would not adopt to and it would use a lot of time and resources for no reason. Since I do 99.9% of the meet n greets it's my time and gas. :)
Remember we do not have a facility. We are foster based.

We do require a fenced yard. Why? Because dogs deserve a safe open area to play in off leash. We do not expect dogs to be left alone in the yard or to be outside dogs. I often hear that. That is not why we require a fence.
We do realize this will exclude some people. It is still a requirement.

Dog parks are not considered a fenced yard. They can be a very dangerous place for a pup.

We also require a home check. Why? Because we want to make sure the home is a safe environment. You would be surprised what I have seen.
I could care less if your home is spotless. It should be safe though.

If money is a issue please address that before all other steps are taken. Adoption fees are required to keep the rescue open. We only exist because of adoption fees and donations. We are a small rescue with limited funds.

Adoptions are never ever first come first serve. Applications are accepted until we get a good match. It may take 1 application for that and it may take 10.
We are trying the very best we can to get forever homes not right now homes. Oftentimes people do not research breeds before applying and are not the best match.

We adopt within 2 to 3 hours of Bonifay, Florida.

If you have questions about a dog comments are missed so please message the page, call 850-547-0240, or email

Adoption application:

Adoption Application

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