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Lucky Puppy Dog Rescue & Kennel, Inc.


Our Mission

Incorporated in 2008, our organization was formed in an effort to change the luck of rescue dogs forever. We work with the community, other shelters and rescue groups to restore the health of the dogs that come to us. We tend to their physical health with veterinary care and prevent further overpopulation by spaying and neutering. Our setting also tends to their emotional needs by providing a pack family that will socialize them. The combination of meeting these needs prepares them for adoption as your next much loved family pet!

Our main location is housed on a 125 acre family farm in the Florida Panhandle. We have expanded to include a satellite puppy home staffed by dedicated volunteers, an extensive foster program, Shy Dog Unit training assistance and a retired momma program, which focuses on reducing pet overpopulation. Our adoption center located in Argyle, New York was established in 2019. This facility allows us to connect our dogs with the perfect partner who wants to give them a forever home. We are proud of the connection between Florida and New York (GoNorth program). Thanks to our staff and volunteers in both states and our transporters, we find homes for the unwanted dogs and change their luck, forever!

Adoption Policy

Have you seen one of our lucky animals that you feel would make a great fit as your next best friend? The first step to any adoption is to visit our website, to submit your application online. We want to be sure that we find just the right match. The process will include getting to know you a little better, a veterinary reference, home visit and landlord permission (if applicable). We look forward to hearing from you.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets