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A Beautiful Life Sanctuary, Inc.


Our Mission

We are a small Non Profit, 501c3 Rescue for cats including sick & disabled. Our goal is to find a safe place for them to live out their lives with an abundance of Love and Affection. We plan to reduce the number of unwanted cats through spay/neuter programs. Animal welfare is our top priority including quality veterinary care for all cats rescued. Future goals will be to offer training programs and community education.

Adoption Policy

We require an application on file for review and approval with each adoption. The process asks questions that pertain to adopting a new cat.

There is a check to see that the current pets are up to date and receive routine care. We also ask a list of questions to ensure the placement is good for the pet as well as the owners. We may ask to do a home inspection either in person or by video to ensure the placement is safe, clean, and ready for a new cat or kitten.

Once the application is approved we will contact you for a meet and greet.

Note: We try to work with applicants within a 50-mile radius of Kenton, Delaware.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets