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Adoption Policy

Our pet adoption application can be found here, or you can request one via Petfinder:

You can submit your app using whatever method works best for you, whether that be faxing it to 203-294-2181, mailing it to Wallingford Animal Control at 5 Pent Rd, Wallingford 06492, dropping it off in our mailbox at 5 Pent Rd, or attaching it to an email and sending it to All necessary information for any of these methods is also located right at the top of the application. Easy peasy lemon squeazy!

Please keep in mind that animal control duties and animal care are our primary responsibility and, depending on our general workload at any given time and how many other applications we have to process, it could possibly take up to a couple of weeks for us to get to it. We do try to process apps in a timely manner so that we can get our animals the heck out of dodge and into loving homes! We know that adopting a new pet is super exciting and that you’re probably very eager to get the ball rolling, but please try to be patient with us!

Please also note that we operate on a *best fit for the animal basis*, not a *first come first served basis*. As such, you may apply for one animal, and we may instead suggest an animal we feel would better suit your lifestyle, household, etc. Our goal isn’t so much to get every animal out the door as quickly as possible as it is to ensure a permanent and successful placement that is in the best interest of both the adopter and the adoptee!

Once your application is approved, WE WILL CONTACT YOU to schedule an appointment to come and meet the animal(s) of interest! There may be more than one animal we feel could mesh quite well with your household, so you could end up meeting multiple potentials during your appointment. We do require that all members of the household come in to ensure compatibility. If this takes multiple appointments to accommodate all of your family members’/roommates’ schedules, that’s okay with us! If you are adopting a dog with an existing dog or dogs already in the household, they will of course have to come meet your potential new pup too! It’s often best for just the humans to come first, and to then schedule a second appointment for dog introductions, assuming you choose to move forward with the adoption. Sometimes, multiple dog interactions will be necessary prior to us sending your new dog home.

Please also note that we do not have the time or resources to contact every single applicant if the application was not approved or the animal you applied for was adopted by another applicant. Feel free to call and check in if you do not hear from us in a couple of weeks.

So it’s great match, everyone is in love… now what?!

Before we send your new best friend home, they will need to be spayed or neutered! This could take an additional couple of days up to a week or so, all depending on our vet’s availability. If the animal has already been fully vetted, it may be possible to take them home the same day as your meet and greet! Though this is decided on a case by case basis, we’ll certainly make sure you’re prepared for this prior to coming in for your appointment that day. The adoption fee is determined by whether the animal came to us previously altered, we had them altered at some point during their stay, or they are altered just prior to adoption using the state’s spay/neuter voucher, and will either be $50.00 or $150.00. For animals needing to be altered as part of the adoption process, additional payment to the veterinarian may be applicable. All animals leave up to date on core vaccinations, microchipping, FIV/FeLV testing for cats, and screening for heartworm disease and tick borne illness for dogs. Senior animals will also get a senior work up, much thanks to our wonderful pals, the Friends of the Wallingford Animal Shelter, for making that possible!

Though our entire process could *potentially* take up to a few weeks total and sometimes longer (granted it doesn’t always!) we have found over the years that this truly does ensure the absolute best match and the most successful and permanent adoption possible, which is of course what we want for all of our animals, and for your family too!

Adoption Application

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