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Our Mission

A Safe Haven for the Dogs Most In Need: We are not just a rescue, we are a refuge; a safe haven for the dogs most in need. We focus on the dogs most in need of saving - those who have been abandoned by their families, the strays, the starving, the injured, the sick, and those in dire need of help. We take them in, rehabilitate them, provide housing, vetting, training, and extra doses of love. Whether at our physical site in Stamford, CT or placed with one of our rescue partners, every dog we commit to is guaranteed love and a beautiful life with the forever family they so deserve. A Lucky Dog is a Happy Dog.

Adoption Policy

Generally, puppies and adult dogs have an adoption fee of $600; senior dogs have an adoption fee of $350. However some dogs may have a higher adoption fees based on the extent of their training or other factors. We also may have "legacy dogs" whose higher fee help offset the medical costs of some of our emergency cases. Fees are set at the discretion of the rescue.

The adoption fees covers only a portion of the expense the rescue spends on the medical care, housing, and transport of each rescue dog; the rest is covered through fundraising efforts.

- The first step towards adoption is to complete an adoption application, which can be found online at our website, under the “Apply Now” tab



- Do NOT use the Petfinder links or email to ask us about our adoptable dog listings - we do not always receive these messages and will not respond to them.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets