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4 Little Paws

Southport, CT

Our Mission

Our purpose is to save small breed dogs in overpopulated states such as California, North Carolina, South Carolina,Texas and Florida where there are many more homeless dogs in shelters than willing adopters. We will transport, foster, provide medical care, perform vaccinations and spay/neuter, and finally re-home these dogs in the Northeast and Midwest, where there is far less small homeless dog overflow. Most of these dogs are on euthanasia lists due to shelters overcrowding. Some may have minor behavioral or health issues, but we believe that they are all deserving a second chance for a loving home and family. It is our mission to perfectly pair these dogs with their adopters, matching personalities, activity levels, and breed type based on the characteristics and lifestyles of their adopters. In addition, we will seek to educate the public that these unwanted animals are not, based on their history, damaged goods or unworthy of a loving home, but with proper nurturing can be wonderful family pets.

Adoption Policy

1. application
2. interview
3. Virtual home visit, meeting everyone who resides in the household
4. reference checks
5. vet check

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets