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SPCA of Connecticut

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Monroe, CT 06468

Our Mission

With great sadness and dismay, we write this letter to inform you of the imminent closing of the SPCA of Connecticut animal shelter. Having been a part of the Monroe community for almost 20 years, it is with a heavy heart we finally face the property foreclosure auction on May 6, 2023. As a former adopter, donor, or supporter of the SPCA of Connecticut, we know you would want to know this news.

We currently care for 13 cats and 20 dogs; we want to do everything we can to find them homes, but we need your help. Many of these cats and dogs are in perfect health, are socialized, and are highly adoptable. Some of these cats and dogs, while loving and affectionate, are older and/or have medical conditions. There are also a significant number of very shy or otherwise behaviorally less desirable animals that need patient homes understanding of their special needs.

We are most concerned that any cats or dogs not adopted would be at high risk of being euthanized. This letter is a desperate plea for their lives.

Any support is appreciated during these difficult times - whether it is a direct adoption, sharing with a pet-savvy friend out of state, donating supplies, or making a monetary donation. If you have room for one more cat or dog in your household, please consider making that adoption now from the SPCA of Connecticut. It truly would be a life-saving decision.

Making a monetary contribution may not seem necessary if the SPCA of Connecticut will not be around for much longer. However, we continue to have veterinarian bills, (containing crucial medical information for potential adopters), and placement fees for other animal shelters and (hopefully) no-kill rescues to save the “less adoptable” that do not find their happily ever after in a forever home.

Please take a moment to imagine what it is like to care for an animal every day: to see their eyes light up when they see you, to know which treats they prefer, to pray daily they find their forever home, and to make sure that they have their favorite toy at night.

And now those lights in their eyes may fade one last time - without ever going home.

Please make an appointment by email or phone or visit for more information on any of our beloved animals.

From the bottom of our hearts thank you for all your support over the years,
The last of the SPCA of Connecticut volunteers

Adoption Policy

We have a free online and in person application which includes questions regarding how the animal will be cared for and requests veterinarian information for past/current pets. We encourage and coordinate meet & greets with other dogs and potential human housemates, too! We thank you for understanding how important this vetting process is for the safety and wellbeing of our animals.

We attempt to maintain contact after the adoption and check in on their well being. We appreciate any post-adoption pictures as it makes us so happy to see our beloved furry friends in their new homes!

Adoption Application

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