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Nile Valley Egyptian Foundation

Marion, CT

Our Mission

The Nile Valley Egyptian Foundation is an all-volunteer, not-for-profit, 501(c)3, no-kill and life-enhancing cat rescue group located in the United States of America.

"The purpose of the Nile Valley Egyptian Foundation (NVEcats) is to (physically) rescue, assist non-government organizations (NGO) and advocate (through education) for the endangered native Balady, and Nile Valley Egyptian Cats." We support and work with Non-Government organizations (NGO) who have rescued and placed thousands of abandoned, abused, stray and shelter cats and kittens in Cairo Egypt and surrounding areas.

Adoption Policy

We are looking for very special people who truly care about these animals, not as property, but who will be accepted as loving, long-term companions being welcomed into the lives of their adoptive families. Our priority is to ensure the cats will never again need to be rescued, will never be hungry and, most importantly, will never be abused. In order to accomplish this goal, we ask all potential adoptive parents to fully fill out and complete a detailed adoption application.

Adoption from NVEcats means that you will be asked to make a tax deductible adoption donation, pay for spaying/neutering, and any other medical care required before the felines are allowed to enter into the USA.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets