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Mansfield Animal Control

230 Clover Mill Rd.
Mansfield, CT 06268

Our Mission

The Mansfield Animal Shelter's mission is to achieve the most efficient and effective use of resources for the benefit of the citizens and animals, to create an environment in which people can move about safely (law enforcement), and to minimize euthanasia by promoting our facility's pets for adoption in as many ways as possible.

Adoption Policy

We offer a clean facility with helpful and knowledgeable staff. The staff and our many volunteers spend a lot of time getting to know, socialize and the training our pets. All pets receive medical attention, are checked for parasites and are groomed. All pets over 3 months old are spayed/neutered/ vaccinated and microchipped before they leave the shelter.
Our pets are mostly Mansfield strays, some pets are surrendered by their owners. We use a pet adoption application to ensure the right match between pet and owner. The application needs to be pre approved before you visit to the shelter. Our goal is to place our pets in responsible and stable homes. The animal control officer has the authority to approve, delay or deny any application. The adoption is not a purchase, it is a lifelong commitment. We offer a "trial day" for dogs. This is a day in which new owners get to know the dog in a home situation. We are always prepared to take a pet back if it doesn't work out. We strongly recommend group obedience training for a successful relationship with your new dog.

You need to be a minimum of 21 yr. old to adopt a pet from us.

We want the adoption process to be a positive experience. To learn more about the process please visit the website below. We have placed many many pets in loving homes and we pride ourselves on having many satisfied adopters.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets