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The Chi Society of CT

Glastonbury, CT

Our Mission

We are a group of people who are dedicated to giving dogs a second chance. We take these dogs in when no one else will and we tend to all of their needs, until we determine that they are restored enough to be adoptable. We spay/neuter, vaccinate, run necessary tests or X-rays, administer medication or sponsor any surgery that may be needed. Our adoption fee is $325.00. If the dog is located at one of our out of state partner shelters, an additional transport fee of $150 applies and is paid directly to the transporter.

We are committed to protecting each and every one of our dogs by setting them up for success. We will not adopt any dog out to anyone who is not committed to doing the same. We expect all of our dogs to be treated as family members. After having gone through sometimes terrible circumstances, they need homes where a loving, patient environment will be provided for them. Please think about your motives for wanting to adopt a rescue dog and please do not make decisi

Adoption Policy

Rescue dogs make loyal and wonderful family members. Because we do not have much history on many of the dogs that we rescue, we can never guarantee the age or breed of a dog, most of the time this is an educated guess. They may have a little baggage that they need to be able to shed, and often times, a warm bed, a good meal and some loving from their new owner is all that is needed for that baggage to be dropped.

Please be sure all family members are in agreement about adopting a dog .Also, remember that a well trained, well exercised dog or pup is better behaved. If you do not provide your dogs with exercise and proper training, which can be work, you cannot expect them to be the best they can be. The shelters are full of dogs that were owned by lazy, indifferent owners...don't be one of them!!!!

If you have time, resources, patience and love to offer a dog, then we want to work with you in finding a suitable dog. Email us at

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