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Chester Veterinary Clinic


Our Mission

To provide unsurpassed, personalized, compassionate care focused on excellence, integrity, respect, and continued commitment to education and community service. We value our clients and understand the very special role your pets play in your life. We take our commitment very seriously and are honored to have been entrusted with their health and well-being. We understand and promote the human- animal bond and we strive to build long lasting relationships with the entire family throughout their lives. We are your four-legged family members health care team and will do what it takes to uphold your trust and respect. “Simply put, we love your pets and we love what we do.”

Adoption Policy

All of our adult cats are vaccinated for rabies and distemper, spayed/neutered, and tested for feline AIDS and leukemia before they go to their new homes. Kittens are spayed and neutered at 5-6 months. Any kittens adopted out before being spayed go to the new home under a Foster To Adopt Contract. Once the kitten is spayed/neutered, we execute a final Adoption Contract. We deliver cats to their new homes, with no exceptions.

If you are interested in adopting a cat from us, please send us an email at to request an application or give us a call at (860) 662-3117 if you would like more information about our cats.

Once we receive the application, we review it. If it is approved, you will hear from us to set up a time to meet our cats.

If you would like to donate items, such as cat food(dry and canned), clumping cat litter, towels, or toys, please call us at (860) 662-3117, so we can arrange a delivery or pickup.

Thank you!
Amanda Bickford
Hospital Manager
Chester Veterinary Clinic

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Recommended Pets