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Boot n' Kit Canine Rescue

Canton, CT

Our Mission

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Boot n' Kit Canine Rescue is, quite simply, a group of dedicated animal lovers whose mission is to rescue, re-home and care for puppies in need. But those are just words. Boot n' Kit was created for those puppies that don't have a voice, a chance or even a happy memory. For the puppies sleeping on a cold concrete floor, surrounded by distressed and confused barks, waiting for... something. And all too many times that something is not a road to a happy home. Its our mission to pull neglected, unwanted puppies from high-kill shelters, from unwanted homes or from the side of the road where they get no chance of being adopted or treated as they deserve and give them a second chance. A second chance with medical care, full meals and love!

We are a foster-based organization. Boot n' Kit dogs eat, sleep and live in foster homes until they are ready to move into their forever homes. This is beneficial not only to get an understanding of the dog, but also to socialize them in a balanced home setting. We start basic training & learn their behaviors which helps us to match the dog to the best home, providing them and YOU with a lifetime of love! Some puppies have never known the comfort of a warm bed, good meal or loving attention. Our goal is to get them out of shelters and into a loving home, even if temporary, as soon as possible!

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