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Animal Rescue & K9 Charities Inc

Brookfield, CT

Our Mission

Saving Animals and Helping the People that Love and Need Them". Saving German Shepherds and other dogs from situations of abuse, neglect and abandonment, providing for their rehabilitation in any form needed, re-homing them with loving individuals and families, and offering ongoing support to ensure successful adoptions and transitions in into the home, whether the dog is to be a family pet, Service or Therapy dog or a "Senior to Senior" companion. Our programs support the animals, their families community and the development of future compassionate animal welfare protectors.

Who is ARK Charities:

Animal Rescue & K9 Charities, Inc (ARK Charities) dba: Redemption Rescue is a Connecticut based dog rescue and service dog training organization. We are a recognized 501c3 Non-profit (obtained in 2017) with roots in rescue since being established in 2012. Our goal is to operate a unique, self-sustaining animal welfare program that will truly make an impact “saving animals in need and helping the people that love and need them”. We have predominantly in the past focused on the German Shepherd breed, but we have expanded to helping other breeds in need if the situation fits our adopters. What makes us unique is that we often take requests for dogs with specific traits and characteristics and scour the country looking for the perfect dogs to match our adopters wishes. These dogs are rescued from around the country, but mostly from California and Texas, the two states almost tied for the highest kill states in the US (more than double the third-place state -North Carolina). Our efforts have saved many dogs from Florida, Georgia, Colorado, Maryland, and Virginia – just to name a few.

ARK Charities is a foster based rescue, and approximately 1,000 animals have passed through our home over the past eight years. These animals are transport to safety to our rescue, where there is a demand for the dogs to be adopted. We are based in Fairfield CT, and are a 100% volunteer organization, committed to rescuing displaced, neglected or unwanted all breed dogs from death-row at high-kill shelters and unfit homes across the country: rehabilitating them with proper medical care, nutritional, behavioral and socialization, to enable them to thrive and re home them into responsible, safe and caring homes, where they’ll be loved family members.

Our Passions

Rescuing & matching our rescued dogs with their perfect family.

Working cooperatively with like-minded quality rescues to maximize the number of dogs brought in to rescue and placed in to loving forever homes.

Sharing our expertise with partnering rescues assisting with the logistics of pulling, vetting, boarding transporting and fundraising efforts to enable them to facilitate the rescue and re-homing of remotely located dogs

To actively participate in community outreach events, dog training and education and promotion of responsible pet ownership and pet population control.

To spearhead the use of rescue dogs and retired military war dogs in programs designed to provide individuals in need of Service or Therapy dogs. Whether children with Autism, cancer victims, former military veterans or victims of traumatic circumstances that result in Post-Traumatic Stress, no dogs are better suited to provide compassionate support then a rescue dog.

Adoption Policy

1. Submit Application

Additional Adoption Info

Step 1
If you are sending an inquiry about one of our dogs, please be sure to include YOUR LOCATION, PHONE NUMBER AND IF YOU OWN OR RENT.
Interested in a ARK Charities/Redemption Rescue dog or having us find a dog for you? Please contact us so that we can conduct an initial phone interview. During this time we will arrange to have you submit an application!
Step 2
Once you have been provided an application to submit, please be sure to be as detailed as possible, and include all requested information to prevent delays in processing your application (including an email address that you check often). You will receive a confirmation email as soon as your application has been received. If you have not received this confirmation within 48 hours, please check your junk mail and contact our Adoptions Coordinator at to confirm receipt of application.
Step 3
We will perform landlord, veterinarian, and reference checks. This part of the process can take 5-7 days to complete. If we have any trouble contacting your references, we will reach out to you.
Step 4
If all goes well in step 2, you will be pre-approved to adopt and move on to our placement team! Our placement team is dedicated to helping you meet the perfect dog. That may be the dog you see being promoted or it may be another dog that we feel may be a better fit for you and your family and lifestyle situation. The dog you are initially matched up with you may be one of our available dogs, or a dog that may be in a partner rescue that we work with, (and we will work on your behalf to get the dog for you from the rescue) or a dog that we will go out and find specifically for you. This is a unique service that we offer and have been very successful at achieving because we rescue dogs from all over the country and we really know our dogs given that we have all dogs evaluated prior to rescuing them.
Step 5
Working together with the prospective adopter, when we have collectively decided to that you are qualified to adopt one of the dogs, we will complete a home visit (which also may be conducted at the time of the meet and greet, which will take place at most times the adopter’s home). An experienced volunteer will come to your home and meet with you and your family, we require all family members and animals living in the household to be present. We complete a check of the home, a property and fence check, as well as discuss GSD education. In some situations, we may require a home visit before pre-approval, however this is only for certain cases.
Step 6
If you are selected to have a home visit prior to meeting, after your home visit is complete a decision will be made on your adoption status. If you are approved to adopt and the home check is to be performed at the time you will be meeting the dog you have worked with placement to select!
Step 7
A detailed contract will be provided to the adopter and must be completed prior to bringing the dog into your family. The fee for the dog is actually is a contribution to repay just some of the expenses associated with the dog and is discussed specifically and dependent upon each individual dog.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets