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Army's Legacy Animal Rescue And Sanctuary, Inc

Bristol, CT

Our Mission

A Connecticut non-profit 501c3, foster based Rescue and Sanctuary. Our mission is to save neglected, abused & discarded animals. They ALL deserve to be loved and to have a home of their own. Educate. Advocate. Provide Services.

Adoption Policy

Please understand there will always be a period of adjustment for ANY animal that comes to your home - from adoption, Rescue, a breeder - literally ANY animal.
3 days to relax
3 weeks to feel safe
3 months to feel at home

If you aren’t willing to give time to an animal, to let them learn your home routines and learn their place within that, then you should probably consider a hamster.

Info on how to apply is below:

***Adoptions are not first come first served****
We do our best to match up each dog with the best possible fit for THEM.
We do our best to contact every applicant. If you have not heard from us please reach out directly via email or message us on Facebook

Thank you for choosing to adopt!
***Apply on our website TODAY:

Be sure to put down the correct veterinarian information, including The name of the account holder if it is different than the primary name applying for the dog. If you currently do not have pets but have had pets, please put that vet info down. If you are a brand new pet owner please leave that portion blank.
- ALSO, VERY important!!, once you have completed your application be sure to call the vet and release your records so that they are able to speak with us about your previous or current pet care.
***Failure to do the above will slow down your application process and risk you losing your preferred pet to another application***
Most vets use an app now, so if you have access please download your vet info and email to us along with your application to expedite the application process.

Until we get the necessary funding to create a sanctuary our organization is ***FOSTER BASED*** at this time.
Our fosters are located throughout the state, and in order to adopt we need your help in potential travel to meet and to adopt.

Our main vet is located in Stafford Springs Ct.
If you are adopting a puppy who is too young to be altered at the time of adoption you will either need to travel to our vet or wait to adopt until they are already altered - However, if you wait you may risk losing your chosen animal to another applicant.

We do the best we can to help dogs and cats in need. It takes a lot of work, and it takes a village, and we appreciate your help in giving these AMAZING animals loving, forever homes!
If you’d like to volunteer or become a foster for any of our animals in need, get in touch today!

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