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Our Mission

Rosy's Rescue is determined to find the right loving home for dogs, cats, puppies, kittens and the occasional guinea pig, regardless of age, breed or health condition. We believe in love, compassion and patience when it comes to rescuing animals.
All of our rescues are fully vetted before they are transported to us directly. Then the Vets at Roosevelt Vet Center examine the incoming animals again, and create a future care plan for each one.
Then our dogs and cats go to Rosy’s Rescue for fostering. They are not kenneled; in fact, they start the process of crate training immediately. Socialization is a major part of their fostering process, along with playdates, leash walks, and leashed visits to meet the fosters cats and guinea pigs.
It’s a process that allows Rosy’s Rescue to evaluate each animal and to find the perfect match. If you’re interested in adopting immediately or in the future, please fill out the application ahead of time, so we can be ready when you are to meet your new best friend!

Adoption Policy

Adoption Events are posted on our Facebook page and Instagram Accounts. When someone is interested in adopting, they are asked to fill out an application, that includes 3 references, with one being a family member. We also ask for their current/previous Vet information. All references are checked, including a call to the Vet to make sure their current or previous animal was taken care of properly.
If this is the first time a potential adopter is considering adoption, or when there are other animals already in the household, a house visit is required.

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