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Gwenlin Animal Relief Program

Andover, CT

Our Mission

Gwenlin Animal Relief Program will be helping cats and dogs find new homes. We will provide temporary housing, medical care and food for these pets until they can be rehomed.
We will be connecting people to pets that need to be re-homed. Information on everyday care along with medical advise will be provided to all clients. Every animal will be provided with complete medical care to return them to a state of health before being offered for adoption, along with spay/neuter. If a life threatening issue arises the Gwenlin Animal Relief Program will also help with medical costs if the owners can not afford the necessary Vetrinary services for their pets.

Adoption Policy

We will have them fill out an application to apply for the pet. All adopters must visit the pets in person, we don't adopt through pictures. Once we receive the application we will call all potential adopters to review their application and information. All applicants must provide a vet reference and/or personal references along with their application. Once the adopter has been interviewed we will arrange a date/time for them to visit the pet in person. If they decide to adopt we will have them fill out a contract and pay an adoption fee, if applicable.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets