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Golden Misfits Golden Retriever Rescue

Peyton, CO

Our Mission

To rescue, provide medical care for, rehabilitate, and rehome Golden Retrievers and Golden Retriever mixes with a focus on those that are less adoptable due to medical or behavioral issues. All dogs regardless of age or condition will receive veterinary care to evaluate the health of each individual, provide medical treatment when needed, as well as receive preventatives such as vaccines. In addition we will provide behavioral evaluations, training, and rehabilitation when needed to help maximize the adoptability of each dog or puppy that is rescued. Adopters are determined by a thorough screening process. We also provide lifetime sanctuary for dogs that are deemed unadoptable for medical or behavioral reasons.

Adoption Policy

All adopters are determined based on an application and interview process. Home visits are made to ensure all family members are on board and also to ensure the home meets our requirements.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets