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Rocky Mountain Yorkie Rescue

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Adoption Policy

I want to adopt a Yorkie. How do I begin the process?

Adopting a dog is no small decision. Please keep in mind that Yorkies are high maintenance dogs that need a lot of time and energy; not to mention grooming. It also is a big financial commitment. The first thing you need to do is to fill out our online adoption application.

I just submitted my application. Now what?

Once the application is submitted you should be receiving an email from us verifying that we have received it within one week, usually sooner.

How do I get approved?

Our application process includes checking the vet reference, a phone interview with you and should you be the right candidate, we will then make an arrangements for a home visit.

How do you choose which family gets to adopt each Yorkie?

Please be aware that we get dozens of applications for each available Yorkie. The young, healthy female is more attractive to most families than the senior male. Expanding your preferences and leaving an open mind to possibly adopting a male or an adult and or senior dog will only improve your chances of being matched with a Yorkie. Please keep in mind that the RMYR board members will make the final decision where each foster will go with the help and guidance of the foster mom.

Is there an age requirement for adopting a Yorkie?

Since an adoption agreement is a legal contract, you must be at least 21 to adopt. However, you also must be financially stable and have a suitable home environment to adopt. Children are not permitted to fill out our online adoption application.

Does RMYR adopt to families with children?

Because we are rarely given the complete background history of a rescue dog it is our policy not to adopt to families with young children in the home. All applicants who apply for a dog will receive a home visit prior to our Yorkies being placed.

What if I want to adopt one of your Yorkies and I am located in another state?

We do not ship our dogs out of state. No exceptions!

Do you have a shelter where we can come and meet the available pets?

No. We do not have a physical location where you can meet all the dogs. All of the Yorkies in the care of RMYR are being fostered by volunteers in their own homes. The public is not allowed to come and visit.

I've submitted an Adoption Application for a specific dog but was not approved. What does this mean?

As we stated previously we have many applications for each Yorkie and it is the goal of the RMYR board to choose the best home for each dog. We will keep your application on file and call you when we have a dog we feel suits your wishes.

How much does it cost to adopt a Yorkie?

Adoption donations range from $100-$500, depending on the cost incurred for whatever Veterinarian care we deem necessary. (Spay/neutered, dental cleaning, vaccinations, blood work, surgery, etc). Each dog's medical needs are different. We charge a fee, usually so that we can continue to take in other Yorkies who's medical needs exceeds the regular adoption fee itself.

Why aren't Yorkies free? Don't they need good homes?

All dogs surrendered to rescue need to be seen by a vet for a check up and other required procedures. In order to continue to rescue Yorkies in need we require qualified homes to help with their new family members expenses.

SURRENDERING ~ I need to surrender a Yorkie. What do I do?

Please fill out the Surrender Application and we will contact you as soon as possible. Please be patient with us as our goal is to get as much information about your pet so we can be prepared to care for them properly.


Please be aware that once surrender papers are signed between person surrendering dog and Rocky Mountain Yorkie Rescue, it is understood that all rights, title, privileges, and interest in the dog are now revoked. This revocation extends to all future decisions concerning this dog made by Rocky Mountain Yorkie Rescue including medical and adoption requirements

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