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Our Mission

We are a small rescue group started by Shelley Osgood.  We foster our rescue dogs in our homes to begin their rehabilitation process immediately upon arrival from their prior environment.  We strive to make a difference one dog at a time.  Visit our website at

Adoption Policy

*Our adoption starts at is 300.00 for dogs over 6 months, $350.00 for dogs under 6 months and may vary based on medical needs of the dog prior to adoption. Adoption fee includes bringing the dogs current on their required vaccinations and spay or neuter. Cat adoption feed start at $195.00 and will be determined based on the medical needs of the cat prior to adoption.

*Our policy is to adopt our rescue dogs and cats to the first suitable family that meets, applies and pays the adoption fee. Please understand that since finding forever homes for our rescue dogs and cats is our priority, we will not hold any pet for a potential adopter.

We do not have a shelter facility but foster our rescue dogs in our homes.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets