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Bruno the Companion All Animal Rescue

Littleton, CO

Our Mission


Bruno the Companion All-Animal Rescue


At Bruno the Companion, we believe that all animals deserve a chance at a happy life with a forever family. We work very hard to find the right match for each animal and each family. It’s our goal to make sure that when we place an animal with a family, it’s forever. That’s why every pet you adopt through us comes with 2 hours of in-home training. We also do a thorough home check, reference check and meet-and-greet before placing an animal in a new home.

Our rescue is currently foster-based. This means that all of our adoptable animals are staying in foster homes while they wait to find their forever family. This set-up allows us to really get to know our animals and we can honestly tell you how each pet does in a home with kids and other pets. We know their quirks and can help you learn how to best train your new family member.

So if you are interested in adding a pet

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