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Harmony Animal Matchmaker and Sanctuary

Grand Junction, CO

Our Mission

Our happy little rescue creates a sanctuary for homeless animals while we find their forever homes. Our mission is to create a stress free, guilt free, knowledge based no kill animal shelter where every shelter animal can thrive while we find their perfect family. We aim for only the best match so pets and people can have all their needs met.

Adoption Policy

We will adopt animals out within 300 miles of our location.

We ask basic questions to understand the life style of the adopters and see if they meet the lifestyle of any of our current adoptable animals. Our standard practice is to never let a Harmony Animal be homeless so if at any point in the life of the adopted pet the adopted family is no longer able to care for their furry friend we will always take them back.

In fact, our adoption contract states that if at any point you find yourself needing to relinquish your pet that you contact us and not another rescue or person to take them in, we always have room for our harmony animals and want to ensure they get the best home.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets