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Our Mission

To provide a safe environment for animals to rehabilitate and recover from any stress, trauma or injury. To provide great veterinary care and promote spay and neuter. To find forever loving homes for the animals we adopt out. To provide a forever loving environment to the hospice care animals that stay with us.

Adoption Policy

We have potential adopters fill out our adoption application. If they have a veterinarian we make contact to get a good referral and also to check that all other animals are up to date with vaccines. We check property tax database to make sure they own the home they live in. If they rent we contact their landlord to make sure they are allowed to have pets on the property. We do a home visit prior to adoption and follow up 10-14 days later. We always take any animal back that doesn't work out with the adopter. If the animal comes back before 7 days; the adoption fee is refunded.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets