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Rocky Mountain House Rabbit Rescue

Erie, CO

Our Mission

The Rocky Mountain House Rabbit Rescue is a chapter of the National House Rabbit Society -- an all-volunteer, non-profit organization with two primary goals:

1. To rescue abandoned rabbits and find permanent homes for them.

2. To educate the public and assist humane societies through publications on rabbit care, phone consultations, and classes upon request.

Adoption Policy

We have a thorough screening process to ensure that families are ready for the unique care rabbits require and the challenges they pose. We ensure that adoptive families can provide proper housing, diet, and veterinary care. We educate adopters on proper house rabbit care and require that they attend one of our rabbit care classes. Our goal is to place our rabbits into caring, appropriate, permanent homes. You must fill out an adoption application through our website to be considered as an adopter. Please read about our adoption process here and then fill out an application (linked from the page):

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Recommended Pets