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Denver Samoyed Rescue

PO Box 1012
Erie, CO 80516

Adoption Policy

DSR is committed to helping Samoyeds that are in need of re-homing find their forever home. It is our responsibility to provide breed education as part of this process to help families determine if this truly is the right breed for them!

1. If a family has possible allergies to dogs, it their responsibility to determine if in fact allergies are a problem with a Samoyed BEFORE they begin the adoption process listed below. DSR can provide suggestions to help the family make this determination if needed. This breed is NOT hypoallergenic despite the misinformation found on the internet. Our goal is to place our dogs into their forever home and spare them the stress of being placed and returned to us for preventable reasons.

2. We are not a physical shelter. We use a combination of foster homes and commercial boarding kennels to house our dogs. All visits are made by appointment based upon the family’s and our volunteer’s availability.

3. We do not adopt to homes with invisible fences.

1. An DSR Adoption Application must first be submitted by the potential family. An acknowledgment email will be sent to inform you the application as been received

2. If we have a dog in our program, the application will be processed at that time. Otherwise, we will keep it on file for 1 year as part of our waiting list. We will always check our applicant list first before we list a dog on our websites. Many times we don’t list a dog if we find a good match in our waiting list.

3. If we determine based on the information provided in the application and conversations with the references, that your family is a good fit for one of our dogs, we will schedule a home visit.

4. If the home visit meets the needs of our dog, then we will schedule a visit with the dog and your family at an agreed upon location. If the family already has a pet, we will introduce our dog to them in a neutral territory like the front yard, or nearby park.

5. If this visit proves to be a good match for all, we will offer the family the option to adopt our dog.

6. Adoption Agreement and any needed Medical or Spay/Neuter Addendums will be completed and reviewed with the family. The adoption fee will be collected at this time. Copies of all medical records will be provided to the family. A DSR Metal ID collar tag will be issued that contains our hotline number. Microchip/registration arrangements will be made.

7. If after a trial weekend or week, the family decides the dog is not the right fit for their family, they must return the dog to DSR and we will provide a full refund of the adoption fee. After this time, if the dog is not working out or the family experiences a change that prevents them from keeping the dog, the dog must be returned to DSR for re-homing as cited in the Adoption Agreement.

DSR is a PACFA licensed Rescue group, regulated by the State of Colorado. Our adoption process and paperwork requirements are in part to comply with those regulations, but also as a result of our 25+ year experience in re-homing Samoyed rescue dogs.

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