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Our Mission

To rescue and socialize orphaned kittens who would otherwise become strays or sent to an over crowded shelter.

Adoption Policy

We will have potential adopters fill out an adoption application as an initial screening. Once the application is approved, will meet potential adopters and all member of the family to ensure the entire house hold is equally on board to provide a forever home to the foster kittens. An approved adoption application is only the first step and final approval will potentially be granted after a meet and greet. Once we find an adopter that we believe will be the best fit, we will have them sign the adoption contract and pay the adoption fee. After the contract is signed we will provide adopters with resources to aid them in slowly acclimating their new pets into the household. We will email the adopters veterinary records and provide them with hard copies. We will provide guadence on how to register the microchips for their new furry family members. Once these items have been completed we will schedule a time for the adopters to pick up their kittens in a secure kennel/carrier (adopters will need to bring their own carrier).

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets