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Our Mission

The mission of Em's Kitty Emporium and Hermosa Veterinary Clinic is to help the voiceless. Pets are often left without a say when it comes to their medical needs and what can be done to ease their suffering. If a pet comes in and their parents can't afford treatment we will be there to provide. When an animal comes in neglected, we will help them thrive. When an animal is abandoned at our door, we will take them in and give them the best life they could hope for. We are there to help, ease their pain and give them a chance at a new life. We make sure our pets leave better than they arrived and make sure they are ready to find their forever home.

Adoption Policy

The adoption process evaluates (via form or conversation) prospective adoptees to ensure that:
- the cat is going to a private residence as a companion animal
- the adopter will provide sufficient nutritious food and fresh water daily
- that the cat won't be declawed
- that a kitten will be spayed or neutered by five months of age (if adopted under 5 months old)
- that they will ensure that the cat’s vaccinations for rabies and distemper are current and that veterinary care will be provided for sickness, disease or injury.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets