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Paws N Hooves Colorado

Colorado Springs, CO

Our Mission

We are a network of foster homes and private foster farms. Our rescue goal is to help animals (dogs, horses, livestock, etc.) who are neglected, abused, not wanted and/or at risk of euthanasia due to lack of space at municipal shelters .  We hope that none of these equines end their lives at needlessly at slaughter and that no animal ends up a stray or killed because it was not wanted. 

We are all volunteer and funding is a serious problem for our rescue.   Donations are needed today for animal feed, hay, vet care, barn repairs, etc.

We encourage those of you who want to help but cannot adopt a horse or other animal to consider sponsoring one of the residents, horses in rehab, or one up for adoption.  Many of our animals require special care, surgery, and lots of TLC.  Sponsorship can be an affordable and rewarding alternative to adoption!

We need your donations to continue our work!  Make a secure credit card donation to the rescue via Pay Pal!!!  To:

Volunteers and Foster Homes needed

Adoption Policy

If you are interested in a current or future animal, please fill out the adoption application.


We will require 2 personal non family references that do not live with you. If you are a renter, we will require a written letter approving the pet. We will require an in home visit to determine safety for the animals being adopted.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets