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9 Lives Rescue Inc.

2965 New Centre Point
Colorado Springs, CO 80907

Our Mission

Saving little lives by:

finding homes for unwanted animals
promoting spaying and neutering of pets

Volunteers/Fosters Needed

The number of cats we can rescue and rehome depends on the number of volunteers and fosters we have. Fosters are our lifeblood - they care for one or more cats until adopted. 9 Lives provides all supplies and vet work. The foster provides a loving home and attention until the cat finds it's forever home.

Volunteers help at the adoption fairs, visit and help care for our cats at the Powers Petsmart adoption center, or provide transport as needed. If you are interested in helping our wonderful cats, please contact us at 719 541-4640 or

Why spaying and neutering are essential

First, and most importantly, spaying and neutering your pet greatly reduces the population of unwanted animals who would otherwise die of starvation, disease or eaten as prey.

Five million dogs and cats are put to death every year because they cannot find homes. You can help prevent these needless deaths by spaying and neutering your pets and by encouraging friends and family to do the same. You can also help by finding room in your hearts and homes for a homeless animal. Please adopt, or consider fostering, a homeless dog or cat

Just as important are the health benefits. According to the American Animal Hospital Association, early spaying in females greatly reduces the risk of mammary cancer and urinary disease. Early neutering will eliminate male spraying, minimize the desire to roam or fight and will significantly reduce the incidence of prostate and testicular cancer.


Adoption Policy

Most of our cats are in foster homes. However, we rotate cats through the adoption center at the Powers Petsmart (NE Powers & Constitution). Potential adopters can see them during regular store hours. Volunteers can also meet potential adopters by appointment with a filled out application.

We ask that a potential adoptor fill out our adoption form after selecting a possible new pet. This adoption form is a questionaire that helps us determine if the adoptor's situation is compatible with the selected pet's personality. This is why it is important that the possible new pet be selected before the application process. If the adoption counselors decide that the situation and pet's personality are not compatible, that by no means is an indication of the adoptor's suitability as a pet owner.

Applications are available at the adoption center, by calling our hotline at 719 591-4640, emailing us at, or downloading from our website at Completed applications can be emailed to

9 Lives does not accept dogs.

The adoption fee includes: FELV/FIV test, spay or neuter, one to three distemper shots (depending on the age of the cat), a rabies shot if old enough and a microchip.

The fee varies with the cat. Please call 719 591-4640 or email for the adoption fee of a specific cat or kitten.

Recommended Pets

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