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Happy Haven Farm and Sanctuary

Byers, CO

Our Mission

 Happy Haven Farm & Sanctuary (HHFS) is a dual purpose 501(c)3 non-profit, serving as both an animal centered healing ranch and full time sanctuary for a number of unwanted animals. We provide a safe environment for struggling individuals, predominantly children, returning military and their families, to spend time with the horses and other animals on the ranch and discover the healing an animal can provide. In addition HHFS takes animals from area shelters deemed unadoptable and when possible, rehab their behavior, emotional, physical, or medical issues and then return them to the rescue to give them a "second chance" at adoption, or offer them for adoption through the ranch. Those that remain unadoptable are provided a lifetime home at the sanctuary along with a number of hospice care animals, and often become a vital part of our healing program. HHFS does not charge for its animal centered healing programs to ensure than anyone needing healing or ju

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Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets