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Rescue Me Incorporated

21200 West Oxnard Street, Suite 385
Woodland Hills, CA 91365

Our Mission

Our Mission is to empower and educate our community, to end the cycle of violence in the lives of our K-9 and ALL animal companions.

Rescue Me Corporation {Incorporated} specializes in rescuing special needs, abused, neglected, injured and senior animals so often over-looked in our City/County facilities.

We also serve the community by rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing the animal orphans in our care. We are very careful in the placement of our animals. It is our job and responsibility to see that our animals go to the perfect life-long, loving home. We have a very extensive and careful screening process to insure that our animals find their perfect forever home.

We at Rescue Me Corporation {Incorporated} believe that the high cost of a medical procedure should not determine if an animal should live or die.

One of our goals is to help cut the euthanasia rate by educating the public on the benefits and importance of animal rescue and spay/neuter programs.

We also offer training programs to fit your pet’s individual needs.

We also have many programs involving our Military heroes past and present as well as humane education programs and programs with special needs kids and kids who just want to learn about animals.

One program Rescue Me Corporation {Incorporated} is especially proud of is our service dog program in which we match up our returning Military heroes with a service dog to assist he/she with their P.T.S.D. {Post Traumatic Stress Disorder} T.B.I. {Traumatic Brain Injury} as well as Emotional Support service dog. These dogs will be provided to our heroes FREE of charge!!! They will be as well trained with their dog to ensure the perfect match.

Together, Forever and Always for the Animals

Adoption Policy

Our Policies

1. The primary caregiver must be an adult, not a child. The pet must be wanted by the entire family. If any member of the family does not want the pet, the pet will not be placed with that family. The primary caregiver must be a person, not a "place" such as a "classroom" or a "retirement home". There must be an actual person who is responsible for the pet for the rest of the pet's lifetime, including taking responsibility for all vet care, food, nail trims, etc.

2. Indoor housing is required. Indoors is defined as the area of the house the entire family lives in. While in the yard the pet must be provided with secure fencing, and adequate supervision at all times. There are dangers outdoors! NO pet may be kept primarily outdoors.

3. A home check is required to ensure that the pet will be living in a safe area. A home check is not a volunteer coming into your house and prowling through your rooms or showing up unannounced! An appointment is made first, then the volunteer comes in and checks the pet's area, food, and accessories for safety. The volunteer doesn't care if you haven't washed last night's dishes or left the beds unmade or haven't dusted. The volunteer is not taking pictures for Better Homes and Gardens or making sure you keep the house spotless!

4. All animals leaving this rescue WILL be spayed/neutered before adoption. We do NOT adopt out unaltered animals!!!

5. While we are very careful to ensure that the animal you adopt matches up with your family, sometimes problems arise that are insurmountable. If there are such problems with the adopted pet we ask that you call us immediately to allow us to help solve the problem. We ask that you keep in contact with us following the adoption so we can help work out any problems as they arise. Many problems can be worked out easily, so please let us help.

6. The adoption is non-transferable. You may not sell, adopt, or give away this pet to anyone else. The pet must come back to us in the event that the pet is found to be unsuitable for your household, no matter how much time has passed.

7. The adoption fees are non-refundable. We are a California non profit corporation, and as such we can offer to you a tax deduction for your donation.

8. All pets are adopted into new homes with any and all KNOWN illnesses, injuries and needed treatments disclosed. We are not responsible for any disease or illness that we were unaware of at the time of adoption. Any and all veterinary bills resulting from illness or injury either to the pet(s) adopted from us or a pet you already have are to be paid by you. We are not responsible for any part of them. These pets come from all walks of life that we had no control over. While we try our best to ensure that they are healthy before adoption, we are not responsible for medical bills if a pet becomes ill after being adopted. We keep a very close eye on them and work closely with a veterinarian if we do find a problem. All animals are given an exam at the time that they are spayed/neutered.

9. Age of pets. We do our best to give an accurate age based on any information given to us by the person/shelter who gives the pet up.

10. After the contract has been signed, the adopter will be legally responsible for their new family member.

11. We do our best to determine the personality and habits of all the pets here. Because pets are living beings, we cannot guarantee that they are not going to chew something of yours, dig on the carpet or decide that your antique books are food. We also cannot guarantee that they do not bite or scratch; any animal can inflict bodily injury on a human or other animal. We will disclose all information we have about their personality as it was shown at a foster home and as a previous guardian described them. We are not responsible for any bodily injury or property damage that this pet might cause.

WELCOME to the world of pet guardianship!!!

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