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Our Mission

The mission of Wilton animal rescue (WAR) is to save the dogs that are left abandoned and living on the streets. Dogs that were surrendered or discarded by their owners that need a second chance to feel the loving touch of an owner that has unconditional love for them. Many dogs Often struggle because of an abused or neglected household. WAR is committed to providing them medical care and help them to overcome their fear of humans or the human touch and allowing them to grow in a world of love and reassurance. War is committed to trapping and securing any abandon animal needing assistance. WAR is also committed to finding them a loving foster or permanent home that will provide them with the unconditional love that they need and deserve. WAR is committed to secure the right home for these dogs.

Adoption Policy

WAR does in home checks on any adoption and foster. We make recommendations to any problems seen. If no problems exist - we will provide you will all the documents and medical records for your new family member.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets