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Valley Cats, Inc.

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Our Mission

We are a cage-free, no-kill, tax-exempt, nonprofit charitable organization. We are very aware of and deeply concerned with the plight of thousands of suffering homeless animals. Valley Cats, Inc. is dedicated to rescuing cats and kittens in need. We occasionally also rescue puppies and dogs. Our goal is to find loving homes for each and every cat in our care. We make certain that the medical and physical needs of the animals are attended to --- vaccinations, spaying, neutering, medication, dental work, behavioral rehabilitation --- whatever is required to help prepare them for adoption. We reach out to the community by participating in programs involving school children and their teachers. We also put aside time for people to come in and learn about caring for animals and how to be a responsible pet owner. We are always available to those who have a pet-related problem. Any cat that is feral is trapped, spayed or neutered, medical and physical needs attended to, and released to loving care-givers who feed and watch over them.

Adoption Policy

Our Adoption Process
Our goal is to find a permanent loving home for each of our rescues. To do this, we try to match our cats with your lifestyle and desires. Each and every person goes through the same adoption process but not everyone completes it successfully. We do not adopt animals out as gifts or to anyone under 21 years of age.

Step 1: Introductory Short Form
The Short Form tells us what you are looking for. This information is used to show you the cat(s) that best fit your needs. If you are not sure, we will show you all the cats.

Step 2: Adoption Application
While the Adoption Counselor is showing you the cats, you will be told everything we know about them and you can ask any questions you have. Spend as much time as you need before making your choice. This is a very serious decision. Many cats live 15 to 20 years and we want them to spend those years with you!

Once you have made your decision, an Adoption Application is filled out. Our Adoption Counselors go over it and ask any questions they may have. Once the Application has been approved, an appointment is made for a Home Visit.

Step 3: Home Visit
The Home Visit is a special time for you and a Valley Cats volunteer to sit down and cover any last-minute questions you might have – in the comfort of your home. It is also a good time for us to meet any other pets you might have and discuss how we are going to introduce your new pet into your household. After the Home Visit, the contract is signed and you may pick up your new family member.

While all this sounds very time-consuming, the entire process from meeting us to getting your new pet can take as little as 1-2 days but never more than a week.

Adoption Fees (we accept cash, check or credit cards):
Mixed Breed cats are usually $175.00 which includes a free visit to our vet, spay/neuter, FeLV/FIV test, FVRCP vaccinations, deworm, flea control and microchip. Pure Breed cats are more than $175.00, depending on the breed. Many of our cats have undergone ear, skin and dental care and any other procedures our vet considers necessary before adoption.

It is not our intention to frustrate our potential adopters, but in our efforts to find permanent loving homes, we do not hold animals. We have limited space for our rescues and every effort goes to finding the perfect loving forever home for them. Having an animal returned is devastating to that animal and stressful to everyone. However, if you have to return one of our cats (even years down the road), we will always take them back and find them new homes. Hang on to your paperwork because all returns must be accompanied by the contract you signed and all vet records relating to the cat.

Once again, our goal is to find permanent, loving, secure homes for our rescues. Please bear with our adoption process knowing that it is a proven way to bring happiness to both you and our cats. Our volunteers are here to help you in any way they can, giving of their time on behalf of our furry felines.

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Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets