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Namaste Akita Rescue Alliance

Walnut Creek, CA

Our Mission

Namaste Akita Rescue Alliance, located in Northern California, is a 501(c) (3) non-profit charitable organization. We are a small grassroots organization comprised of an all volunteer base.  We take in only the number of dogs we can responsibly care for and rehome.

Our goal is to place our dogs in appropriate homes that provide and compliment the needs of each individual dog, as well as our adopters.

We provide necessary medical care, basic training, behavior modification if needed, socialization and an enrichment of life many have never experienced. 

Our volunteers are dedicated to providing whatever is necessary to ensure our dogs are well prepared to transition to go on to live full lives.

Adoption Policy

Namaste Akita Rescue Alliance is located in Northern California in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Thank you for your interest in adopting!

If you see an Akita you are interested in, please email us for more information about our adoption process. Our adoption fees are $450 for puppies under a year old and $400.00 for adults. 

Before we can have prospective adopters meet our dogs, we require all interested parties complete an adoption application.  Completing an application is not a guarantee or commitment of adoption.  You can learn more about our adoption procedures and download the application by visiting our website:

Upon application approval a phone interview is conducted, followed by a home visit and meeting with the prospective adopter and the Akita. 

We don't adopt on a first come first served basis, but rather on what is the most suitable fit for the adopter as well as the dog.  


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