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PATCH Rescue Inc

PO Box 2746
Victorville, CA 92393

Our Mission

PATCH (Pairing Animals To Caring Homes) Rescue Inc. was named after our founder’s family’s first rescue effort.
We the founders had a mamma cat in our backyard who had a litter of 4 kittens. All were feral, but we earned the trust of two of the kittens. One became close with our young daughter and she named the kitten PATCHES. One day our daughter was coming home from school and found Patches had been run over. Our daughter was devastated, and as we were in the process of purchasing our first home, so we decided to go to Victor Valley Animal Protective League. VVAPL use to have dog runs where the rocks and pergola cover is today. I ran out crying telling my husband he was going to have to pick or we would be going home with all of them. We adopted our Sadie Lady November 2007. We saw the need for help of homeless animals and got involved with volunteering with several organizations, transporting, donating, events, fostering, etc… We had a few foster failures and a few fosters we let go VERY begrudgingly and never heard how those fosters were doing again. Some of the organizations that we volunteered and fostered with did not manage money well, in our opinion, and foster dogs left never to be heard about again, which bothered me to no end. I questioned if we REALLY rescued these dogs or if they ended up in a bad environment. My husband kept pushing me to start my own rescue, so I could do it my way. PATCH Rescue Inc. was born October 26, 2015 and started operating as PATCH January 2016. Our daughter designed the PATCH Dog Logo and is her first copy written work. I asked and looked to other organizations I respected for advice on how to define contracts, file 501c3 status, etc…I had some tell me I could not put in an adoption contract that follow up was necessary and informed them “A contract is a written agreement between two people. The people can agree or not. If they do not, they do not adopt a PATCH dog!” PATCH Rescue Inc. tells ALL adopters that they are becoming part of the PATCH family because they are taking a PATCH fur kid, so follow up is expected and required throughout the fur kid’s life.
PATCH Rescue Inc. is a small foster based 501c3 Non-Profit dog rescue, fighting to eliminate homeless animals one at a time so we no longer have to exist! Small and foster based means we do not have a facility/shelter and 100% volunteer run, NO PAID employees, so every penny goes towards caring for the fur kids we take the responsibility to rescue. This is a passion, so please be patient we all have jobs and private lives, as well as run PATCH Rescue Inc.
Adoptable dogs can be found utilizing the following links:

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Until there are NONE, Adopt One!

Adoption Policy

If you are interested in adopting a PATCH fur baby, please read below, print and return to
In person, we complete an interview and provide an adoption application / contract.
If you have seen a fur kid of ours on an internet site, please complete the below application and a PATCH representative will be in contact with you to complete a phone interview.

Home Checks will be completed for ALL adoptions, as well as follow ups. You are adopting a PATCH fur family member and as a family member we want to know how our fur family member is doing, it also eases the separation of saying good bye for our fosters!
Available fur kids can be found by utilizing link =

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Recommended Pets