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Small Time Rescue

Venice, CA

Our Mission

SMALL TIME RESCUE - Rescuing 1 small dog at a time.

Our focus is on small special needs and senior dogs, or small dogs with behavioral or grooming issues (really) that make it unlikely they'll be adopted directly from a shelter aka “the pound”. While the city shelters place as many dogs as they can, they’re operating with far too few resources in a city with far too many abandoned animals. Some animals are inevitably put down. We rescue little dogs where we think that's a possibility.


We’re operating out of a tiny apartment, with our own tiny dog. We only take toy breeds or toy mixes to protect him and we can only take one at a time. We’re usually not able to take dogs people are giving up, but we’re available to help you rehome your dog (of any size but people are likelier to look to us for small dogs).

The city shelters are a scary place for pets. They’re basically cages with very limited human interaction and some animals with health and behavioral issues. You don’t want to put your pet in one. It’s a pet’s family’s responsibility not to do that. Please contact us for help only if you understand that and can be patient. Your job is to give your pet the time a shelter might not. If you understand that we can help.

Adoption Policy

SMALL TIME RESCUE - Rescuing 1 small dog at a time.

1. We ask that you fill out a (short) application to be sure that you and the dog you're interested in are a match.
2. If it looks good we arrange a meet and greet to which you should bring all family members, or a home visit so our doggy can check out your environment first hand and you can check out our doggy in your environment.
3. If you and our dog decide to adopt eachother we ask that you fill out an adoption contract that covers your responsibilities to the doggy and Small Time Rescue and our responsibility to you.
4. There is an adoption fee which won't exceed and is probably less than we spent "bailing" the doggy from one of the city shelters and getting him/her to the vet for a checkup and any needed care. Grooming is on us and we have the clogged bathtub to prove it.


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