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Smashface Rescue/Rehab

Van Nuys, CA

Our Mission


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Smashface Rescue is celebrating it's 26th year come Sept. 2014 since being founded. Originally a rescue/rehab center for Pit Bulls and Mastiffs, the facility also temperament tests all bully breeds, boards bullies for those individuals who have a hard time finding overnight care for their bullies and Mastiffs. The Facility is 100% BARK  FREE, cage and kennel free (except for feeding and sleeping). We sp

Adoption Policy

We show by APPOINTMENT ONLY". We show seven days a week from 10am to 2pm, with special arrangements for showings after 2pm. Once an appointment is set via e-mail, the potential adopter calls the facility, founder, volunteer, coordinator, etc..upon arriving at the facility as not to knock on the door and stir up a barking frenzy with the larger dogs. Your personal and or pre-exsisting pets are welcome to visit to check compatibility, but we must be informed through e-mail so we can set up properly for visiting dogs.

 All appointments and showings are set up and confirmed via e-mail. Missed appointments, no-shows, and late arrivals (45min) will not be shown the dog and or adopted to.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets