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Rescue From The Hart

Van Nuys, CA

Our Mission

Rescue From The Hart is a 501c3 Los Angeles dog rescue founded by Annie Hart and her husband - James Hart, after years of advocacy and animal rescue. We have dedicated our lives to saving abandoned and abused animals from local shelters and the streets and ultimately finding them loving forever homes.

We provide each of our rescues with top-notch medical and emotional care through trusted vets, trainers and foster homes. We believe that these efforts - coupled with spay/neuter programs and educating the public - are the three key elements to eliminating pet overpopulation problems across the world.

The first step to solving any problem is acknowledging that you have one. By sharing the stories of those we save, Rescue From the Hart demonstrates how countless animals are victims of circumstance and thrive when given a second chance - thus inspiring others to join our

Adoption Policy

Rescue From the Hart is a Los Angeles dog rescue dedicated to finding the best forever homes for those we save, along with aiding our adopters in finding their best possible match. We pride ourselves on being excellent matchmakers by facilitating connections that will provide a lifetime of happiness for our dogs and their families.

When you fill out our matchmaking questionnaire, you are providing us with vital information that helps us ensure that you select the perfect pet for your lifestyle. Through our adoption process, our goal is to be there to support you and your new pet in every way possible so that you are setup for success. 

Our adoption process begins with our matchmaking questionnaire. If we find that we have a dog or cat that is well suited to you, we will then schedule a casual meet and greet with our rescued pet and all members of your family that live in your home (both 2 and 4 legs). If all goes well and both parties are eager to move forward, we will then proceed with scheduling an “integration” with one of our training experts. We have found that by offering training support at the time of adoption, many potential adoption issues are avoided and our adopters learn important tools for success (regardless of how many pets you may have had in the past).

Immediately following the integration, our adopters typically begin a foster-to-adopt trial with their new pet for about two weeks. This trial period gives adopters and adoptees time to get used to each other, while working with us on any hiccups that may come along. Our priority is to make sure that our adopters and adoptees find happiness with each other and we know that that forming this kind of bond can take some time. Think of it as dating before marriage! After the two week trial is up, if a great match has been made, an adoption agreement is signed.

When you adopt from us, you also gain a partner who will be there to support you through the life of your pet and beyond. There is no greater joy for us than to receive updates from adopters on how those we rescue are doing and we cherish being as much a part of our adopters families as we feel they are a part of ours.

Home Safety Check: Some Los Angeles rescue groups consider home safety checks (aka home checks) to be unnecessary. And some people consider them to be an intrusion, an invasion of privacy, and even insulting. Please know that we truly believe that they are necessary, and they are not intended to insult loving adopters. We have the best intentions for you and your future companion and we consider it our job to set your family up for success.

When a dog is adopted, he or she is moving into an unfamiliar environment and tends to explore. Sometimes the dog wants to go “home” to a home that no longer exists. When a potential exit is found, the dog will often try to get out.

For these reasons, all reputable rescue groups provide a home safety check. After years of street rescue and adoption, our team has a keen eye to foresee any potential risks in your home. We work with our adopters ensure they have all the tools needed so that their new family member never runs away, thus helping them avoid heartbreak.

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