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Gunter's Legacy Animal Rescue, Inc.

Vallejo, CA

Our Mission

Founded December 24, 2016

Gunter's Legacy is a nonprofit organization dedicated to changing the way the world thinks about and treats dogs and to creating better lives for them through rescue, foster, adoption, and hospice.

Adoption Policy

Please read the entire description for the dog you are interested in adopting. If you wish to meet a dog you MUST read our "How to Adopt a dog from GLAR" and complete our application, we do not have a facility, we are fostered based all dogs in this rescue are in private homes and we do not share their information. Disclaimer, an application to adopt is not a guarantee we will adopt a dog to you. Each application is reviewed and we do try to notify people if they are not selected. Adoptions are not considered complete until we have a signed contract and a paid adoption fee.

Adoption candidates are required to complete and submit an adoption application, please read below in its entirety before completing our adoption application, thank you!

Step 1 - All Applications are reviewed by Günter's Legacy Animal Rescue Board of Directors. References are checked, veterinarian checks, landlord written confirmation is required prior to meeting a dog, we do check to see if you own your home as well. All other animals in the home MUST be fully vaccinated, microchipped, and spayed or neutered prior to any meet and greet and adoption.

Step 2 - Phone interview.

Step 3 -Home Check
Once the application has been completed, reviewed, and receives initial approval, we will schedule a mandatory home visit. Please note, if you are in a rented home, we will be contacting your landlord for their approval prior to adoption if you own we will be confirming ownership.

Step 3 - Meet & Greet
If the application is approved and the home check was completed and approved, we will schedule a meet and greet with the potential adopters and dog(s). It is required that all members of the adoptive family must be present for the meet and greet.

Step 4 - Pet Introduction
If the adopter already has existing pets (dogs or cats), we require all the pets are properly introduced by a member of Günter's Legacy Animal Rescue. We will not adopt a dog into a home that has reached it's city-mandated limited. We will not adopt to homes that have unneutered or unspayed dogs or dogs who unvaccinated or unlicensed.

Step 5 - Contract and adoption fee
Only when all the above steps have been completed and each step has been approved will we present a contract to adopt and collect a non-refundable adoption fee.

Adoption Process and Policies:

All dogs listed on this website are currently available for adoption and are seeking permanent loving homes unless otherwise noted in the description of the pet. Before applying to adopt, please understand we are looking for people and/or families who are ready and willing to commit to a dog for its entire lifespan, which could be up to 20 years. Adoptive families must be looking for their companion pet to be a member of the family and not an outdoor only dog.

We are a small non-profit rescue and we are completely run and operated by unpaid volunteers. We will try as much as possible to return all calls, emails, and applications inquiries within a reasonable amount of time. However, understand sometimes this is not possible.

Adoption Requirements:

Adopters must be at least 21 years of age

Adopters must live in the state of California and within 1.5 hours of Vallejo, CA

We do not adopt to a household where there are unspayed or unneutered dogs or cats. Yes, you must provide proof.

Must have a valid CA Drivers License

No children under the age of 10 years old in the home

Be willing and able to follow the mandatory adoption process

The dog must be for the person(s) completing the adoption application.

Must allow a representative to follow up with the adoptive family post-adoption at 2 weeks and again at 6 months

Be willing to provide the adopted dog with food, water, regular medical care (vaccines, flea/heartworm treatment, etc.) for the rest of their natural life

Agree to the Günter's Legacy Animal Rescue Adoption Contract

Also, agree that Günter's Legacy Animal Rescue has the RIGHT to regain possession of the adopted dog without notice if any of the terms of the contract have been violated.

Disclaimer: Some details about our dogs might have changed before we’ve been able to update our website. When we get in touch with you, we will have the most current information. Also, information about our dogs is based on the best of our knowledge, but we can make no guarantees about the dog’s health or temperament. Completion of our adoption application is not a guarantee of adoption approval.

Return Policy: We strive to make good adoption matches, and for our clients and our dogs to live happily together always. However, Günter's Legacy Animal Rescue remains committed to the dogs for the remainder of their lives and will accept dogs back, by appointment, should it not work out. When adopting, we ask clients to be prepared and committed to providing the dog and themselves at least three weeks together to settle in prior to deciding to return the dog.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets