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Our Mission

Balooja’s Foundation operates an all-breed companion animal rescue, foster-care
and adoption program in Upland, California. The emphasis of the rescue is on the dogs
most in danger of being euthanized by the shelter system, especially Pit Bulls and Chihuahuas along with senior animals and those with medical needs.

Balooja’s Foundation removes dogs abandoned by owners and breeders to high-kill shelters and government operated pound facilities, as well as performs rescues of abandoned animals found on the streets. The foundation also rescues animals directly from owners who have surrendered them for a variety of reasons.

The organization provides veterinary care and places the rescued animals with volunteer foster-families, and ultimately, places the animals into proper homes. Baloojas Foundation also conducts public education campaigns to educate the public regarding the social issues associated with pet overpopulation, the benefits of spaying and neutering domestic pets, and the lifelong responsibility that comes along with owning a family pet. The foundation assists low income pet owners in the local area by paying veterinary bills and by providing petfood to enable owners to keep their pets at home rather than to surrender the pets to local animal shelters. All activities are conducted by the volunteers of Balooja's Foundation.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets