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Woody Feral Cat Support Group

Union City, CA

Our Mission

Woody Feral Cat Support Group dedicates in rescuing local feral cat and practicing the protocol of Trap-Neuter/Spay-Release to prevent feral cat overpopulation and balance the wildlife ecosystem.

We also provide foster care, training and vet visit for domestic cats which could be socialized potentially after behavioral assessment.

Adoption Policy

Adoption Policy
1. Adopters agree that they are informed of any known history of medical or behavioral issues have been examined by a veterinarian in North California and may have also been seen by a second veterinarian. Adopters also understand that each cat from Woody
Feral Cat Support Group has been spayed or neutered, administered some vaccines, dewormed, under flea treatment and is believed to be in good health prior to being put up for adoption. Adopters also understand that the adoption fee goes to care for the cats currently in their care. Therefore, adopters agree that WFCSG is not responsible for any medical expenses incurred by the cat for illness that may manifest later. However, adopters understand that if they cannot afford to pay the medical bills required by cats, they will return the cat to Woody Feral Cat Support Group.
(Any repeat exam by their own vet leading to a new and previously undetected medical issue must be identified within 7 days of my execution of this contract. Woody Feral Cat Support Group agrees to refund the adoption fee if the adopted animal is returned unharmed within two weeks of the adoption date.)

2. Adopters understand that cats can be unpredictable and that Woody Feral Cat Support Group cannot anticipate or ensure against the unexpected conduct of animals adopted from it. Adopters acknowledge that WFCSG has not made through its agents, volunteers, or employees, any warranties regarding the future condition, temperament or conduct of the
animal. Adopters hereby accept the animal “as is,” assume all risk and responsibilities associated with the ownership of the animal. However, if the cat does not eat, use the litter box or displays other signs of illness within the first 7 days of bringing the cat home; Adopters agree to contact the rescuer immediately prior to taking the cat to their own vet (Emergency

3. Adopters agree to keep the cat INDOOR ONLY, which means it will never be allowed outside their dwelling. They will keep the cat’s microchip registration up to date, and will notify the microchip company of any change of contact information.
Adopters will place Woody Feral Cat Support Group as an alternative contact on the microchip registration to ensure the cat’s security and safety in the event of emergency, or in case they are not able or willing to retrieve the cat. Adopter agree if
the cat is lost, they will immediately contact local newspapers, the internet, neighbors, shelters, and post signs at pet stores and vets. I understand the best chance of finding a lost pet occurs within 24 hours.
4. Adopters will ensure that my cat is treated humanely at all times, particularly with respect to the provision of adequate food,
water, shelter and all appropriate veterinary care. And they are responsible cat owners and as such they will make sure cat’s vaccines are always up to date and they will take their cat to the vet for annual examinations.
They will never have their cat declawed.

5. Adopters agree to allow the rescuer to check on the welfare of the cat from time to time, and they understand this is not an infringement, but rather it is to ensure the cat is loved, safe, and happy. Adopters understand that failure to perform the foregoing agreement will constitute a breach of contract. In the event of any such breach of contract, they authorize the Woody Feral Cat Support Group to reclaim possession of the adopted cat. Adopters further understand that access to their
properties to repossess the cat is not trespassing.

6. Adopters agree that if for any reason they cannot keep their cat, they agree to notify the adoptee immediately of the availability of the adopted cat and to return the cat upon request. They will not surrender their cat to an animal shelter or another rescue group for any reason.

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