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Marley's Mutts Dog Rescue

24890 Haven Lane
Tehachapi, CA 93561

Our Mission

Mission Statement:

Marley’s Mutts is a non-profit organization that rescues, rehabilitates, trains and re-homes death row dogs from Kern County’s high-kill animal shelters. In addition , we utilize the rescued dogs to transform people’s lives. Through the power of the human-canine bond, we empower dogs and people to live healthy, happy and productive lives.

Marley’s Mutts Dog Rescue is a registered 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization (30-0636031) that is concentrated on saving the lives of Kern County's incarcerated canines. Kern County's shelters are bursting at the seams and register some of the highest euthanasia rates in the country. We are committed to these shelter dogs simply because they have NO ONE and are closest to death. These dogs are at the shelter because they have been abandoned, lost, neglected, discarded or abused and many of them have no way out but RESCUE. These dogs are without family, love or representation and we aim to save as many as we can. We are their rescuers, their voice and their future.

Marley’s Mutts Dog Rescue is not taking public found strays or owner surrenders at this time. We do offer assistance on our website with training options, rehoming services, and networking resources. We hope to grow enough in size and capability to one day consider owner surrenders and strays as part of our rescue mission but at this time we feel that our services and skills will be best applied if we prioritize the rescue of dogs on death row.

Adoption Policy

Every dog that comes through Marley's Mutts lives in our facility where people can visit and meet multiple dogs. Each dog will be introduced on our Facebook page when it arrives and will then have his or her own profile created and put up on our website.

The length of time between when the dog arrives and when it is put up on the website varies. Puppies are not typically listed on the website until a few weeks prior to adoption (12 weeks of age). All our dogs will also be spayed or neutered prior to leaving their foster homes. They will be micro-chipped and up-to-date on their shots. Dogs that have behavior or health issues may not be listed on the website for an extended period of time. Healthy, well-behaved dogs typically will be put on the website within two weeks of arriving into their foster home.

During those two weeks we are constantly assessing the dogs temperament. We need time to be able to determine the dogs quirks and what type of permanent home will be ideal for the dog. We do not have a waiting list nor do we accept adoption interest for a dog prior to him/her being listed on the website. Adoption is not based on first come first serve and we review ALL applications prior to selecting an adoptive home.

Each of our dogs will have his or her own application to complete. Please refrain from applying for a dog and intending the application for another dog not yet listed. When the dog that you are interested in has a bio posted on this website, please fill out the application thoroughly. Answer any and all applicable questions and tell us why your home would be the best place for this pup to go. Typically, for any given dog we receive upwards of a dozen applications and reviewing them all is a tough task.

Once your application has been submitted, please be patient. You will receive an automated email confirming it was received. If your application was selected as a potential adopter, we will notify you and begin the approval process. We will talk to your family over the phone, get clarification on any questions we may have will also answer any of your questions. We request to inspect your home to ensure its a pet-friendly, safe environment for the dog. Not all dogs have the same needs so we don't have a generalized "standard home" in mind.

We require you to bring your current dogs to the fosters home (or nearby park) for a meet and greet. We do not ship or transport our dogs without observing an introduction. Adopters from out of town are absolutely encouraged to adopt from us but will need to make the road trip to California to meet the dog, and most likely take it back home with you that same day, if all goes well. If you're not sure which dog would be the best fit, email us and we can help guide you in the right direction.

If your application is not selected, we don't think any less of you or your home. Most likely we had eight out of ten amazing options and yours just unfortunately wasn't the one we picked. Please stay in touch with us and let us help you find the perfect addition to your family. We will notify you if the dog is currently pending adoption and then again when the dog is adopted. You can also follow our Facebook page for updates on the dog you're interested in.

Once that pup has joined your family don't ever hesitate to reach out to us. Training questions, medication questions and anything in between are encouraged. We thank you for coming to Marley's Mutts to adopt your next dog. We think very highly of our dogs and enjoy sharing them with the world.

For specific questions, please contact Shannon Paris, our Adoption Coordinator:

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