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California Chins - Chinchilla Rescue

Sunnyvale, CA

Our Mission

Our goal is to provide information to people interested in chinchillas, adopting chinchillas as well as, a safe place for chinchillas who needs a new home. Many chinchillas are being lost, abandoned or surrendered by owners no longer able to care for them. We take care of their physical and emotional needs so that they may find happy, loving, forever homes.

Adoption Policy

It does not matter to us whether you are looking to adopt now, later or just want to learn about Chinchillas. Starting is as simple as setting an appointment at our Sunnyvale, CA (SFBay Area) location where you will learn how wonderful chins are with a simple Chin 101 introduction while interacting/playing with the chins. Hopefully, if you are ready, you will find a chin with a personality that matches you and creates a bond that will last a long time. You can even take the chin home that day. Adoptees must be 18+ (Parents sign for minors).

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets