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Our Mission

To provide resources, outreach, and education to community members seeking to ensure better lives for the animals in their community through low cost or sponsored care and behavioral education.
To ensure quality lives for abused, abandoned, and under socialized cats through Fear Free methods and positive reinforcement training and fostering. Rehoming intervention by providing education and training guidance.
To assist with animal neglect and hoarding cases with assistance from local agencies.
Lastly to assist with rehoming animals by ensuring they are sterilized and vetted prior or in extreme cases taking surrenders when capacity allows.

Adoption Policy

Once you apply, we will review your application and reach out to you via email, text, or phone. We offer three adoption options.
A private meet and greet* at a volunteer’s home can be arranged, we ask for a $25, non-refundable hold fee that is either deducted from your adoption fee or converted into a donation. This fee was designed to ensure our volunteers have a commitment before making arrangements and so the cat/kitten is provided for while they wait for a home.
If you plan to join us at an event, apply ahead of time so we can give you a schedule of when heroes who would love your home will be available.
Our remote option is best for those who don’t live in Solano County. You’ll be connected to the foster family of your hero who can tell you all of their favorites and share pictures and videos. We will coordinate a place and time for the adoption-we can make accommodations for in-home adoptions.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets