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Our Mission

Our Mission is to foster and perpetuate unconditional love.

Adoption Policy

Please begin by searching our available pets online, either here on Petfinder, or on our website. If you find a match and have questions, please contact us, or if you would simply like to apply, click on the application link on Petfinder or on our website (
We will contact you to arrange a meet-and-greet if our pup seems like a good match for your situation.

We hope you understand that these are sometimes very difficult decisions, and we would love to work with you to find a pet suitable for your home. We are all about "what's best for the animals" - and that's our number one priority.

Lastly, please also understand that we are entirely volunteer staffed, and that sometimes our time resources are not quite sufficient to respond to you quickly. Know that we do our best, and that you are welcome to give us a nudge if you do not hear back from us after a day or so.

Thank you for your interest - now let's find your new best friend!

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets