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Our Mission

The mission statement is to provide homes to all cats/kittens that are adoptables that were born and live in the streets or that were abandoned or left behind by their owners after moving away,

Adoption Policy

We do Adoptions Events at a local Petsmart Store. When somebody is interested in any of our kittens/cat, they need to fill out an ADOPTION APPLICATION. We review their answers and discuss things with the prospect adopters if needed. If the Adoption Application is denied, there is no Adoption. If it is accepted, they need to go ahead and fill out and sign the ADOPTION CONTRACT which will have all the complete information of the pet, complete information of the adopter and all disclaimers and policies of Lilly's Haven. Once the adoption contract is completed, we collect the adoption fee and they can take home the kitten/cat. We do follow ups to make sure everything is okay in their new homes.

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