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Lost and Found Dogs USA Network

Santa Clarita, CA

Our Mission

Lost and Found Dogs USA Network – Reuniting families with their pets and helping the ones left behind. Our mission is to end the pet abandonment and homelessness through community outreach and advocacy. Our belief is that no animal should be left to suffer and the solution to the pet crisis can and will be resolved through education and enforced accountability.

Adoption Policy

Please no phone calls!
E-mails only to: with the following info and pics:

Own/Rent (for renters, if allowed pets, how many?)
Numbers of family members:
Phone #
Number of pets and breeds:
Profession Work schedule once Covid-19 has lifted:
Who is this pet for (another pet - buddy) (family member), please explain:
Do you have a pool,if so is it gated??

Please Attach the Following Images::

- Front of the house, 360 view of the backyard including alley gates & exits, the common area where the pet will mostly coexist.
- Picture of family members or a social media link

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets