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Save SomeBunny Rabbit Rescue, Inc.

Santa Ana, CA

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve the welfare of rabbits in and around Orange County by combating the problems that lead to rabbit homelessness, supplying information to current and prospective rabbit owners to set them up for success, and by providing medical care and rehabilitation for rabbits for whom we are their last hope.

Adoption Policy

Fees are $60 ($100 for a bonded pair) and all rabbits are spayed/neutered. We require potential adopters to complete a pre-adoption questionnaire, and to meet our bunny prior to adoption. If our rabbit is to be a companion to an current pet rabbit, we require that they meet prior to finalization of the adoption. The current pet must be spayed/neutered at least four weeks prior to the "bunny date". This introduction can take place at an adoption event, the adopter's home, or our foster's home.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets